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Mind Regard is devoted to providing you the best cognitive supplement in the market, period. Nootropic Mind Power is specially formulated to give you an advantage in all aspects of your cognitive health. There are no short cuts taken when formulating and manufacturing our superior cognitive supplement. Nootropic Mind Power is the genesis of three years of devoted, rigorous research in the fields of nutraceutical compounds, vitamins, minerals, ayurvedic as well as allopathic brain support, and cutting edge neurobiological research.

Your Safety is our main concern, all the while providing you the finest, most potent cognitive support ingredients possible. Our GMP certified labs create stable supplements that provide maximum efficacy. As a result, Nootropic Mind Power contains only optimum ingredients and each of the 12 ingredients serves an exclusive purpose in the support of memory, focus, free radical brain defense and mood enhancement.

We are here to support YOU. Simply put, nothing matters more to us than your safety and well-being. The Mind Regard team stands behind each and every bottle of Nootropic Mind Power. We believe so strongly in its cognitive support that all the employees personally take Nootropic Mind Power to maintain a vital edge in their cognitive abilities. If you have any questions or wish to comment about our company or supplement, please contact us

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