I found this supplement to be truly unique. I was expecting a hyped up feeling but instead was pleasantly surprised by the genuine smooth and clear thoughts I had on it. I finished a "difficult" project 2 days after taking it which I had been working on for weeks. I say difficult, but it really wasn't. I think this supplement was just what I needed. Please don't change your ingredients...becuase they work! I've seen other companies change things up just for the sake of changing it to be "new". Keep it the same and you have a customer for life! Thanks, Mike

Mike Wiggins

Just wanted to say thanks for making such a wonderful supplement. I'm now able to recall past facts much easier ever since taking this nootropic. It has worked wonders!

George E.

Great supplement. After the second day of taking it I had more mental and physical energy then I've had in a while. This is even after missing some much need sleep. Keep up the great work.

Alex Brevard
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